Invitation: Writing Exile: Women, The Arts, and Technologie

Submissions are invited for publication in “Writing Exile: Women, The Arts, and Technologies” edited by Wanda Balzano ( and Silvana Carotenuto ( The issue will explore‘exile’ as experienced by contemporary female artists working in different media. The critical focus of this special issue is placed on the practices of creative writing, photography, video art, and on the recent web 2-0 platforms on internet. Its critical assumption is that exiled women find a privileged space for the re-articulation of their condition of displacement, dislocation and diaspora in narration, in the visual mingling of tradition and experimentation, in the fluxes of information that constitute the emergence of new imagined ‘communities’ through internet. Here, writing becomes a medium for new representations; photography and music provide ways in which women can share a sense of belonging and displacement; video-art allows for re-connecting and transforming; the web establishes new communication and communities.

The issue, which welcomes contributions including words, sounds and images, alongside interviews, theory and criticism, will be constructed around the following sections: 1) The Magic of Narration 2) Photography: History in Her/stories; 3) Visions and Sounds of Women and Survival/Resistance; 4) Digital Diaspora.

Specific topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Women as nomads, homeless, refugees, clandestine workers in public/private spaces
  • Women in war zones as migrant rape survivors
  • Women as transnational survivors of sex trafficking
  • Feminist theorizing of the intersections between technology and constructions of exile, identity and selves
  • Performance, new media and other creative expressions: engaging/enacting/destabilizing conventions of exile/home and technology
  • Technological narrations of queer exile: gendered lives,  their pasts/futures
  • Internet production and representation of classed, racialized, aged and gendered bodies
  • Personal/creative narratives and oral history of theorizing on women and/as exiles
  • The languages of exile; blogging and vlogging as female writing (also in politically sensitive areas)
  • Artistic activism and issues of technological citizenship, transnationalism, and exile
  • Forms of female hospitality, resistance and collaboration

Deadline for completed articles: 30 April 2012.

Deadline for the issue: December 2012

Anglistica is an online peer-reviewed journal published by the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. Details at Articles, interviews, images, books for review and reviews pertaining to this special issue should be sent to the editors (Wanda Balzano at and Silvana Carotenuto ( and cc to All material submitted for consideration must comply with the Anglistica guidelines available in pdf at

Contributions should be in English and should be between 5.000 and 7.000 words. An abstract of the contribution (before the submission) is encouraged.


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