I recently wrote about Bernadette Devlin McAlsikey in  he Irish Examiner. Article available here: It coincided with the limited release of a film about her life by  Lelia Doolan entitled ‘Bernadette: Notes on a political journey.’ Unfortunately the film wasn’t out for long and so lots of people didn’t get to go see it.

Now we’ve just gotten some great news! The Triskel are showing the film over a number of days in January. A great way to kick off the New Year! All the details are available here on the Triskel Website:

So grab some friends and your snack of choice and hit the big screen for a remarkable story about a remarkable woman.

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2 Responses to Bernadette

  1. Gordon Bruic says:

    Hi there …

    I know it’s a small thing but I know first hand that one of the things that bugs Lelia greatly is when people misspell her name… It’s Lelia Doolan. All the best and I hope everyone enjoys the film.

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