Message from Occupy Cork

Hi folks!
This is a massive THANK YOU to everyone who worked, participated and helped make this weekend’s Parade of Defiance into a huge success – well done you!!!  There was a great atmosphere and a real sense of people taking back the power.  The props and theatre of the march were done with the brilliant help of Cork Community Art Link, among others, and a special thank you to them too!
The march was a huge success by all accounts, with an estimated 1,000 to 1,200 participants.
Check out the following for more: (a brilliant video of the Parade) and

And it doesn’t stop here – in fact it’s only beginning!
We are building an open and democratic space for people to show their opposition to the IMF control of Ireland and the socialisation of the debt, and to look at our alternatives for a better future.  And we need you to get involved!
Come down to the General Assembly meetings every evening at 6pm at Occupy Cork on the South Mall, or just call down anytime with your ideas and energy!  We also have regular talks and events – see below – or if you want to put something on please let us know!

This week’s highlights – Events in the White Yurt tent at Occupy Cork:
Tuesday evening, 8pm: The Occupy movement in global context – Discussion on the progress so far, differences and similarities internationally.
Wednesday, 8pm: The ‘contraception trains’ and the history of the fight for women’s right to choose (Margaret O’Regan)
Thursday, 8pm: The Shell to Sea campaign – grassroots campaigners working in solidarity (Elinor from Cork Shell to Sea (TBC)
Friday, 8pm: ‘Debtocracy’ Film showing – A documentary focusing on the causes of the Greek debt crisis in 2010 and possible future solutions that are being ignored by the government of the country.
Sunday, 12 midday-6pm: Occupy Cork Xmas Market – A not-for-profit event with lots of crafts stalls, music, food and Christmas craic!
Sunday, 9pm til late, The LV Bar, MacCurtain Street: Revolution Romance – John and Alisa’s engagement party.  Our very own story of love on the front lines of the Occupy movement – John and Alisa met on the Occupy camp a few weeks ago, and things blossomed from there!
“Mighty Craic!” as John says!!!

Beir bua,
St.John, Occupy Cork

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