Anti-household charges, Anti-Sewerage Charges, Anti-Water Charges. Public meeting to discuss concerted boycott campaig

Meeting to be held in Edel Quin Hall, Kanturk, Co Cork, Friday the 9th of December at 8.30pm to organise a campaign against the Government’s proposed household charge, sewerage charges, and water charges.

A public meeting has been called by concerned residents and community activists who are unhappy about these household charges which will be introduced in January as part of the government’s austerity measures.The meeting is one of hundreds of similar gatherings that are taking place throughout the country; there are numerous groups after setting up in Cork, and the largest is currently in Skibbereen. A national campaign of resistance to the household charge is being planned which will see hundreds of thousands of families boycott the new household charge when it is introduced in January 2012. “This is the first austerity measure that actually gives an opportunity to resist. We were unable to prevent the likes of the Universal Service Charge and wages and social welfare, however the method of collection of this unfair charge allows us to say to the Government ‘no more’!

“We, the ordinary people of Ireland, DID NOT create this mess, yet it us that are paying for it, and paying for it severely. There is only so much we can take.” said Ann Foley of People Before Profit Cork

The proposed household charge will be set initially at €100 per household, however the Government think tank the ESRI predicts that this will rise to upwards of €800 by 2013/4.

“This budget will cripple any likelihood of economic growth, and ordinary people, many of them in negative equity or with crippling mortgage payments, attempting to get by on reduced wages, are being asked to pay a charge simply for owning the home they live in. This is grossly unfair. The vast majority of people did not gamble on international markets, did not have a stake in the banking sector and had nothing to do with causing this crisis, yet we are being made to endure cut after cut, and levy after levy to help fill the black hole created by the bank bail-out.

“We must send a clear message to the Government, we did not make this mess, we are struggling to keep our heads above water, and we will not pay for the mistakes of the super wealthy. “

The meeting will hear how the household charge can be defeated and bring families and individuals together to plan a boycott campaign similar to what is happening all over the country.

“It’s an absolute disgrace, the media have already highlighted how thousands of families throughout Ireland are left with less than €20 a week after rent or mortgage costs and utilities are met. This household charge, in its first year will amount to a ten percent levy on the money that some families need to spend on food, clothing and education. The fact is, the government is taking money off those who can least afford it to bail out the banks and developers who created this crisis. Even before this charge is introduced, rumours are already abounding that this will rise in time to just under 1000 euros; that’s just unacceptable.  Not only are we being saddled with yet another stealth tax but households that have septic tanks will also have to fork out huge amounts of money to have them either moved or cleaned.”

“The household charge can be defeated. Community outrage and mass non-payment worked against water charges all over Ireland in the nineties and in Britain the poll tax was defeated due to the refusal of households to pay. Its time we told this Government that enough is enough!”

The meeting is open to all. Similar meetings are currently taking place all over Cork, and the country.

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