Public Expenditure Cuts Sexist

Press Release

Tuesday 6th December 2011

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Public Expenditure Cuts Sexist


Cork Feminista is appalled that the public expenditure cuts announced last evening by Minister Howlin directly target the most vulnerable individuals and groups in Irish society, especially women and particularly mothers.

Cork Feminista spokesperson Jennifer DeWan states:

“The Government has proposed cuts to child benefit for larger families, cuts to disability allowance, cuts to back to school allowance and school transport, cuts to lone parents.

“Women are already more likely to be living in or near poverty and the majority of lone parents are women.  These cuts will push already struggling women and children deeper over the brink.”

The 35% cut to the National Women’s Council of Ireland’s budget – wildly out of proportion to cuts to other non-governmental organisations – is another stark example that this government is targeting women disproportionately.  This comes on top of a complete slash to funding for Safe Ireland, a national organisation representing domestic violence support services, announced earlier this year.  It also shows how fully the government disregards the importance of women’s rights and equality, despite the commitments it made in the National Women’s Strategy.

Dr. DeWan continues: “The message is clear – this government does not support women and women’s equality.  And inequality will not promote economic sustainability.”

With more bad news coming today with Minister’s Noonan’s announcement on tax measures, Cork Feminista urges people to speak out about how the budget will affect them.


For further information contact:

Jennifer DeWan or Linda Kelly by email at corkfeminista[@]


About Us:

Cork Feminista was founded by Linda Kelly and Dr. Jennifer DeWan in August 2010 to provide a discussion and activist space for feminism in Cork.  It is a collective of women and men who meet once a month to discuss different issues related to gender equality and feminism. The meetings allow participants to explore their thoughts on issues and network with other campaigners.

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One Response to Public Expenditure Cuts Sexist

  1. Maureen Considine says:

    I agree Jennifer, and where are Labour in all this. As a Labour party supporter I am strongly considering my position – the party has a majority of female supporters, yet our female TD’s were sidelined in favour of ‘jobs for the boys’ and now Labour are failing to protect women, children and the ill in this budget.

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