Invitation to parade in defiance on December 3rd

This is a message from Occupy Cork – hopefully you will have heard of us by now.

We are a local expression of a global movement that has spread to over 1600 towns and cities worldwide as a response to the on-going economic crisis and the policy of making ordinary people pay for the recklessness of a few. We have received overwhelming support so far from the people of Cork, who recognise the need for opposition to the circumstances we currently find ourselves in. As we enter into our sixth week of occupation at the Peace Park on South Mall, we feel that it is time that we extend our voice to the communities of Cork. So, we are calling for a united day of action on Saturday, December 3rd.

In the face of the looming budget of December 6th, we are calling on all people who feel that this situation is unjust and who are seeking positive change to stand together – to march, dance, shout, sing – on the streets of Cork, our streets. We plan to get out in numbers and hold as colourful and powerful a demonstration as we can possibly muster up, in the city centre on Saturday afternoon. We will end the march with a space for music, theatre and performance; and above all, a voice for all – whoever wishes to speak will be heard. Let’s assemble in Cork City, organise and express ourselves.

Similar actions on this date will be co-ordinated with  Occupy camps in Dublin, Waterford and Galway. A solidarity action from Occupy Belfast has also been proposed.

We, the people experiencing this recession first-hand should be the ones out on the streets asserting our dignity, our defiance, our creativity and our collective power. Whatever your colours, get out and fly your flag, raise your banner – this demo needs no political agenda other than to state that we will no longer accept this kind of treatment lying down.

If you have the will to start thinking about alternatives, then together we have the capacity to make them happen. If you’re tired of politics being reduced to the same party agendas then get in touch and come out on December 3rd.

We know that no one demonstration is going to fix all of these issues, but it can be a step towards creating a more just society. Let’s make this gathering a landmark in that process!

Yours sincerely,

Occupy Cork

PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE! And please get in touch to start exchanging ideas, skills and resources – both for December 3rd and in the long run.



tel.: Liam – 0857567988, Eoghan – 0871343238

or just visit us at the camp, the Peace Park, South Mall. General Assemblies are every evening at 6pm – open for all to participate, but we’re always open to new faces, any time.

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