Lost Lives: Challenging Irish Asylum Systems


Lost Lives: Challenging Irish Asylum Systems

3rd Annual Coference – Ethical Development Action

Millenium Hall, City Hall, Cork

18th November – 9.30 am – 4.00 pm




You are invited to participate in our third annual conference. The objective of the conference is to demonstrate and publicise the cases for discontinuing the Direct Provision system, and the granting a satisfactory residence/citizenship status to those who have lived under this system for unacceptably long durations. To these ends, the conference will be addressed by key speakers on a number of significant and appropriate human rights themes through which they will demonstrate that the current systems and structures have inevitably and predictably led to abuses of the human rights of asylum seekers, as cited by the UN High Commission for Human Rights. The conference will seek to determine alternatives that will redress this.



A number of speakers will specifically address the impacts of living under this regime: these will include the effects on children, on those who ‘age out’ from being minors to adults, experiences of migrant women integrating into Irish society, and the psychological impacts of longterm institutional existences. These contributions are based on the latest research in our greater locale. In focusing on the national context, the asylum system will be set within the context of the demoncratic systems, human rights and our legal frameworks. The personal experiences of current residents of the centres will be presented in video format.




Throughout the day, participants are invited to engage in discussion on the Irish Asylum Systems and Direct Provision in the context of 21st century migration.




There is no registration fee, but please register by rsvp to edacork@gmail.com, in order that we estimate catering numbers.





Registration : 9.30 am – 10.00 am


10 am – 11.30 pm: First Speakers Session with video inputs of experiences of people currently living in Direct Provision


10.00 Michael Blaney (EDA) Welcome: EDA’s Engagement with Asylum Seekers in Cork


10.20 Darren O’Donovan (UCC): Key Legal Principals for Reforming the Irish Asylum System


10.40 Joe Moore (CARN): Impacts of Deportation on Direct Provision Residents


11.00 Discussion


11.15 Intro to videos and first short video


11.30 – 12.00 Keynote Β Ronit Lentin (TCD): The Racialisation of the Irish Refugee System


12.00 – 11.45 Second Speakers Session – second video input


12.00 Joanie Barron (Wallaroo): Children in Direct Provision,


12.20 Anne Nolan (ISU): Ageing Out into Direct Provision


12.40 Video Input


12.45 Discussion


13.00- 13.30 – Lunch and Discussion


13.30 – Third Speakers Session – third video input


13.30 Claire Dorrity (UCC): Representation and Bureaucratisation: The Impact of Direct Provision


13.50 Sinead Mowlds (UCC): Students Perceptions of Asylum Seeking


14.10 Angelo Lafferty (Cois Tine) Experiences of Asylum-Seekers in Cork


14.30 Video Input


14.35 Discussion and tea/coffee


15.15-Fourth Speakers Session, summary and concluding discussion


15.00 Nilmini Fernando (UCC): Women’s Experiences of Integration


15.20 Alan White (UCC): Children and Migration


15.40 Piaras McEinri (UCC): Summary of main themes/ issues


Concluding discussion


16.00 Ends

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