MOVE Ireland – Men Overcoming Violence

MOVE, Men Overcoming Violence, provides domestic violence prevention programmes (DVPPs) to men who are violent in their intimate relationships.


  • The primary aim of these programmes is to support the safety and well-being of women and their children who are affected by domestic abuse.   The programmes are designed to help the participants take responsibility for their violence and to choose to behave differently in the future.  Working from a pro-feminist coalition/alliance-building perspective, we seek to make violence against women wholly unacceptable in Ireland, as elsewhere.


  • At the 2011 MOVE Conference on 12th November 2011, Guest Speakers from the UK and Ireland gave some really excellent inputs.   These inputs included a briefing on the 2011 ‘Children First’ guidelines alongside recent UK legislative and policy developments on domestic violence.   There was also a minutes silence on Saturday 12 November to hold in sacred memory all of those women who have been killed by their partners/ex-partners.   This act of remembrance was part of the 16 Days of Action Opposing Violence Against Women 2011. 



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