Why we need a Pro Choice President

So after 20 years and 2 very significant court cases that deemed abortion should be available when a woman’s life is in danger, including in danger from the risk of suicide, the government is still putting the abortion issue on the long finger.  I’m hopeful, some say delusional, that somehow over the next seven years we will get movement on this issue which is why when it does happen I want our next President to be one, who is not going to f**k it up – for want of a better phrase.

I want a President who will sign in legislation that deals with the X case. I want  a President who welcomes this positive step for women in Ireland. I want a President who is proud to be pro choice.

So since all the candidates are mad to get down with the crew on Twitter, I decided to tweet them all asking what their stance was on abortion. See Picture 1 – The Question!

The Question

4 days later and the only candidate/candidates team to send me an actual reply was Michael D Higgins. The Davis Campaign replied asking me to mail by question in – fair enough – I’ve just done that this morning. But I was curious – do they ask all tweeters to send in their questions – the answer it would appear is no. But I said I would give them the benefit of the doubt and tweeted to ask if this was standard. No reply. See Picture 2 – The Response!

The Response


I would like to ask the candidates this: Do you really think that by not replying you are doing the right thing? Because I can tell you, you’re more likely to get a lower preference if you don’t reply than if you replied with an answer I’m not that fond of.

I’m sick of the political system in this country happily ignoring the abortion issue, terrified to actually stand up and discuss it, and only too delighted for 5000 women to travel abroad for a service they should be able to access here.

If you care about this issue, if you believe Ireland should implement the ABC Ruling and the X Case ruling – then ask the candidates if they are pro choice and vote accordingly. It’s one of the few areas the President could really make a difference – and not necessarily a positive one.

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3 Responses to Why we need a Pro Choice President

  1. The response from the Mary Davis Campaign:

    Hi Linda,

    Many thanks for your e mail.
    The Constitution protects the right to life of the unborn, and as President I will uphold the Constitution as determined by the people. I think it’s worth pointing out that the next President will have no role whatsoever in determining Ireland’s policy on abortion. Legislating on this matter is entirely a matter for the Government.

    Kind regards,

    Mary Davis Campaign Team

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