Attention Feministas!

We are starting a register of members. This is to allow us some flexibility in terms of applying for different things, for example, membership of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, funding applications etc. So here is how it will work:

A member will be any person who has attended 2 or more meetings in the last year.

  • The register will be kept in a member’s book, which will make its first appearance at our next meeting (Oct 20th).
  • The membership year will run in line with the calendar year.
  • Membership until the end of 2011 is free, however we may need to review this moving forward into 2012.

Online Membership

As many of our supporters communicate mainly through Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Email we have added another category of membership.

Online Members will be those who are signed up to receive our Feminista Friday email update. You can sign up for this update simply by emailing us at with ‘Feminista Friday’ in the Subject Line.

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3 Responses to Notice

  1. Dr Margaret O'Keeffe says:

    Well done Jen and Linda. This is really good work for future, Margaret O’Keeffe and Colette Finn

  2. Margaret O'Keeffe says:

    Hi Feministas,

    Well done on all of your activities over the last few months. Your commitment to women’s equality is outstanding.

    I also want to say how much we at 5050 Group Cork really appreciate your wholehearted support for our events and activities.

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