Complaint to Largo Foods

For anyone who is angry about the Hunky Dory Ads and wants to make their feelings known to Largo Foods, check out the complaint sent in by CF member Marius Griffin. We think it hits the nail on the head and you’ll be surprised at the response she received!



To Whom it may concern,

I have been a long standing customer of yours but I am afraid as of today I will no longer be buying your product. I am genuinely disappointed that yet again your company has chosen the completely unimaginative path of tits and ass to sell a product.

I held my peace through last years offensive ads because frankly there is enough to get on with. This statement  is what made me decide to take this action.

“But last night, Ray Coyle, CEO of Largo Foods, which owns Hunky Dorys, defended the ad campaign, saying that as a medium-sized Irish company “we have to attract attention one way or other”.”

This is the same irresponsible thinking that let bankers get away with creating this mess. It is the thinking in fact that underpins most of the problems that we are all in, and I simply will not fund it.

Images like this affect your daughters, wives , mothers , friends , and all for the negative. Women understand looking at them that being good at something, as in one of our own real amazing female athletes, will never mean as much as having a certain image. It teaches our sons to see women as things, and to measure a woman’s worth in those terms. You reading this , and everyone else at your company may feel fine making the world a bit worse than it already is, but I simply cannot add to your profits while you do it.

By the way, whoever your advertising firm is, they are grossly overpaid. I can think offhand of 5 different campaigns that would have been positive , attention getting, and would have created a better public image than this truly hackneyed muck.

One more thing, I will be boycotting all Largo Foods products, and you may not know this but Women Talk…. they also blog, chat, email and generally communicate about whats making them unhappy, and right now that is you.


M. Griffin

What are your advertising ideas??
Looking forward to hearing from Marius as to what happens next!
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One Response to Complaint to Largo Foods

  1. Well done Marius for taking the time out to put pen to paper. No surprize that they want to pick her brain for their advertising ideas.

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