A year to the day (well nearly!)

Many of you I’m sure will remember my somewhat soppy post at New Years about how much support we had gotten from all you lovely feministas and how overwhelmed we were by it. 8 months later, not much has changed – you guys are still a hugely supportive bunch and I still feel overwhelmed when I think of all that has happened for us!

As we prepare to celebrate our first anniversary I wanted to do a comparison of our quick stats that I listed in my post at New Years. Not before pointing out of course that Cork Feminista actually has two birthdays! Myself and Jen got together on Friday the 6th August 2010 and that’s actually when Cork Feminista was born. Our first public meeting was on the 8th Sept – which is when our “official” birthday bash is (more details about that are here).

Quick Stats (As of 12pm on the 12th December 2010):

  • 3 General Meetings;
  • 1 Book Club Meeting;
  • 1 Table Quiz;
  • 3 Profile pieces in local and national media;
  • 109 people receive our Feminista Friday Update;
  • 114 Twitter followers;
  • 302 Facebook fans;
  • 1,161 blog views;
Quick Stats (As of 12pm, 3rd Sept 2011):

  • 7 General Meetings;
  • 3 Book Club Meetings;
  • 1 Table Quiz;
  • 1 Public Demonstration – Join the Dots;
  • 1 External Talk to UCCSU;
  • 10 Profile pieces in local and national media;
  • 155 people receive our Feminista Friday Update;
  • 36 Feminista Friday Updates sent;
  • 405 Twitter followers;
  • 585 Facebook fans;
  • 8451 blog views;
As for budgets – we’re in the red unfortunately at the minute and are looking for donations to keep meetings happening between now and Christmas! You can now donate through paypal – any amount you can spare would really help us! Check out this page, if you want to donate now!
All that is left to say looking at this list is THANK YOU! None of it would have happened without your support!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us!

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