Karma’s a bitch sometimes

One of the things I love about our blog is that you get to see what search terms people used to find you. Most of the time it’s pretty bland, generic terms like feminism, cork feminista, feminism in Cork etc etc etc but every so often we get a complete outlier.. usually along the lines of whore/slut/porn etc


Because I imagine someone sitting at a computer somewhere, using the internet to be a complete jerk and he/she clicks on our blog and up pops our rampant and unapologetic feminist musings which I’m pretty sure they weren’t looking for!! Oh the irony….

Teehee, Karma is a bitch!

Examples of search terms that make me giggle as I imagine the above scenario!

“Fat Cork Bitches”“Feminist Collective – crunk”

“I want you to fuck me hard fantasy”

“Cork Slut”

“Best looking person in Cork”

“Whore in Cork”

School Skirt Cork Ass

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One Response to Karma’s a bitch sometimes

  1. terasa jackson says:

    great blog!!!!

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