Ready, Steady, Go!

Here are the logistics for our ‘Join the Dot’s’ Action which is taking place next Saturday, 9th July at 2pm.

Step 1: Make a dot! Check out our ‘DotTastic‘ blogpost for ideas. (If you want to come along, but don’t have a dot – no problem! We will have spares and we will also need people to help hand out leaflets). Also let su know by facebook, twitter, email what your dot is about!

Step 2: Arrange to bring a friend (or three) along!

Step 3: Meet at 1.45pm on St Patricks Bridge on Sat 9th July 2011.

For anyone unfamiliar with Patricks Bridge

Step 4: Finalise route & stops/ last minute check/questions – practice some chants!

Step 5: Move out to stops. (What are stops? We will spread out in small groups to pre arranged places along Patrick Street and Washington Street. Then as the demo progresses we will be physically joining the dots with rope until we finish at the courthouse with all dots bound together.)

Step 6: Begin demo and call at all stops

Step 7: End at Courthouse with rally

Step 8: Retire to the Woodford for a well deserved refreshment and short debriefing session!

Things to note:Β 

1. Nobody will be on there own at any stage throughout the demo. There will be a minimum of two people at every stop along the route.

2. A photographer will be with us throughout the demo. If you do not wish your photograph to be taken, please tell Jen/Linda beforehand.

3. This is going to be brilliant fun! We can’t wait to see you!Β 

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