Help a fellow feminista!

Greetings sister Feministas!

Would you be able to spare 15 minutes to complete this survey as a way of getting local women’s views on Feminism for a documentary I am making for Cork Campus Radio?  The programme is aimed as getting academic research on feminism to meet and interact with public views and attitudes.The research presented is based on my MA thesis, “What makes you not a feminist?” which looks at why women and men who believe in full equality for women resist the name and identification “feminist”. I am questioning if this is because of negative media publicity or a lack of understanding of who feminists are, and what they really do.

If anyone would like to comment, or be interviewed, please contact me directly on
To complete the survey,  please click on this link!

Thanks Nilmini


Another request has also come in, not directly from Lisa, but from someone who was forwarded the original request:

To whom it may concern,


Apologies for the intrusion.


My name is Lisa, I am a forensic psychologist based at University College Cork. I am conducting national research in a number of areas including conflict or violence in personal relationships, community crime and crimes against businesses.  I am contacting you seeking advice regarding how best to raise awareness about this research and recruit interested volunteers among users of your service.


The research can be found on the Violence & Abuse Prevention Alliance website This research is directed at everyone as it looks at general opinions as well as experiences of these topics.  Volunteers have the option of completing the survey on-line, over the telephone, using the paper-and-pencil version or face-to-face interview.


Any advice on the possible ways in which I may be able to recruit interested volunteers would be very much appreciated.


Kind regards


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