Benefit Cosmetics

I’m a big fan of Benefit Cosmetics – in fact they pretty much fill my make up bag… but I have to say I was left a little more than disconcerted when this ad popped up on my news feed from their page. Now Benefit is run by two women (twin sisters in fact) and I usually like their advertising but this left me cold. Is it meant to be funny if women are using women as objects in ads as some sort of comment on the ridiculous nature of advertising or has one of my favourite companies fallen into the trap of lazy, piss poor sexual stereotypes to promote a product. My fear is the latter…. time to find new make up….


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One Response to Benefit Cosmetics

  1. Josh Heller says:

    Obviously awful, though as I’m unaware of the company or their previous advertising my first instinct is just sexist advertising that objectifies women, also this just in grass is green. Sorry, I’m just unsurprised is all, if they used to be pro women and not sexist then that is a shame.

    Also, it’s not even funny. It’s not even a pun or anything? There’s no ambiguity as to whether the woman/cartoon is referring to her breasts or her mascara. She’s just talking about her breasts. Which isn’t interesting or funny. Also then with the slogan “beyond belief?” That’s like it’s not real or something? But then she’s right there, so of course you believe it. I mean it’s not like if your mascara’s really good then you look like it’s just your normal eyes right? Mascara always looks like mascara doesn’t it? There’s a chance I don’t understand it though as I’m not exactly au fait with make up and wotnot.

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