In other news…

A brief round up of some other news bits and campaigns you might be interested in!


Irish Feminist Network seeks new Coordinator
The Irish Feminist Network is currently looking for a new Coordinator. If you, or anyone you know, may be interested in putting yourself forward please do. For more info, contact:

Justice for Magdalene Campaign
If you’re interested in justice for the victims of abuse in Magdalene Laundries and want to get involved in pushing the Government towards some redress, visit their website:

Cork Women’s Right to Choose has moved (virtually)!
Check out our new Facebook home at:

Support the RCNI and Safe Ireland NOW:
HSE decides Ireland to shut their eyes to child sexual abuse and rape

The HSE is withdrawing core funding from RCNI and SAFE Ireland, forcing the organisations to downsize and make staff redundant at the end of May.  Please lobby to protect organisations that help protect women and children from violence.  For more info:

Amnesty’s Butterflies of Hope Campaign (Nicaragua)
Join Nicaraguan women and girls fighting for their reproductive rights.  28 September 2011 is the Day for the Decriminalization of Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean. Women and girls in Nicaragua believe that this is their chance to make their voices heard.

Share a Happy Thought
Headstrong – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health launched a new and exciting campaign in partnership with O2 Ireland. For every happy thought that people all over Ireland share on our Think Big website, O2 will donate €1 to their work with us.

–      Log onto

–      Share your happy thought (it can be anything from how much you like chocolate to the amazing weather)

–      Tick either the Facebook or Twitter box underneath where you write your message so that a message will pop up on your Facebook or Twitter page to let everyone know you have shared a happy thought and donated €1 to youth mental health.

–      Repeat as often as you like!


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