On a daily basis, we are assaulted with many messages in our society, culture & media. From victim blaming in cases of sexual assault to the constant objectification of women in all forms of media to the Irish Government cutting funding to the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland, to the rise of Slutwalks across Canada, the US and UK to the sexualisation of young girls to Gardai being caught of tape ‘joking’ about raping a protester – we are surrounded by negative messages.




So we’re doing something about it! On Saturday 9th July at 2pm Cork Feminista will be organising a ‘Join the Dots!’ action in Cork City Centre.


The purpose of the event is to showcase how all of these issues (represented on dot shaped placards) are interlinked (aka joined) and have an overwhelming negative impact on our society, particularly, but not exclusively on women and girls.


We need volunteers to help us out, to make dots, plan the route, to leafleting on the day etc so please email us at if you want to get involved.


This is your chance to make your voice heard about the issues that affect your life in a peaceful, inclusive protest action.


Whatever your issue is, make a dot to represent it and join with us on the 9th July!









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