Real Life Barbie





This was an ad made by bodyshop. But Barbie INC. found out about it and now it’s banned. Repost if you think this ad deserves to be seen.

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4 Responses to Real Life Barbie

  1. ZXT says:

    Please do some research before spreading misinformation. Mattel, Inc. (not “Barbie INC”, which isn’t a company) issued a Cease & Desist to The Body Shop (not “bodyshop”) because they advertised this doll named Ruby as an “anti-Barbie spokesperson”.

    Mattel doesn’t have the power to ban someone else’s ad because of an image issue, and they’re not the only manufacturers of dolls. The lawsuit was due to the ad campaign attacking their product by name. Had they not used the Barbie brand name, the ad would have stuck.

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