Raidió mban

I was delighted to get to go to the recent Women in the Media – NOT event hosted by the NWCI in the Clarion Hotel, Dublin last Saturday. I had been feeling a bit demotivated lately on the activism front and this event last week inspired me. It was absolutely wonderful to see firstly a good sized crowd at the event, but also to have the opportunity to listen to wonderful women. I was gutted to have to leave early just as we were getting into a very rich Q&A session. I know that the event was recorded so I would recommend checking the NWCI website regularly to see if the videos appear. There is no way I could do any of the women justice by describing their wonderful talk, somewhat groggy on a Saturday morning, on the blog.

Some highlights I can recount though!

Radio Gaga: Where are all the women on Irish radio?‘ the article that inspired Margaret Ward to set up ‘The List’ and Women on Air Initiative.

Dr Barbara O Connor, DCU putting the thought out there that an increase in women in the media may not lead to better quality of representation in the media. Definitely food for thought.

Orla Barry explaining how radio producers work and how any hesitation in saying yes to an interview can mean they’ll move onto the next person. She also pointed out that if a producer is ringing you, it’s because they think you have more in depth knowledge than the general public on the subject you’re being asked to talk about. Take this as a sign of confidence, ladies!

Kellie Turtle of the Belfast Feminist Network was perhaps by favourite speaker – mainly because I identified so much with what she was saying. I would really recommend checking out Kellie’s blog – her most recent post on Ken Clarkes ‘less serious rape’ comments is not to be missed. There is a lot I can pick out from Kellie’s speech as a highlight so I’ll just recommend you watch it in full, when it comes on the website.

Jennifer O Connell, formerly editor of spoke very bravely and honestly about her own difficulties being a working mum. She had some wonderful quotes in her speech which I have emailed her for. When I get them back, I’ll post them here!

Finally, someone I’ve admired for a long time, Suzy Byrne from the renowned Maman Poulet blog spoke. I really liked her pulling out the thought that we are now talking about the economy all the time, we don’t talk about our society anymore. It’s the economy not the society is the focus of discussion and that perhaps we would better served looking at it in reverse. Society not economy and I can’t help but agree.

So there you have a very small number of highlights from a wonderful event. Do make sure to check out the videos when they are up! m

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  1. Jennifer O Connell article on this event in the Sunday Business Post:

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