Mobilise! Agitate! Create!

So the concept of Slutwalks continue to capture our attention across the world of online media and in real life too. Since posting here last week, I’ve had many a thought-provoking conversation with fellow activists and friends. It’s been a while since my feminist grey cells were taxed to this degree! So I find myself now in a position where I’m very grateful to Slutwalks for having opened up a space to discuss issues around sexual violence and objectification in a way that moves forward my own understanding and thoughts on the subject. I’m also left more confused and frustrated as to how to move forward because while I admire the capacity and success of Slutwalks to mobilise a group of people to agitate for change I recognise, understand and share some of the concerns raised by those who don’t agree with the concept. I’m also really friggin pissed off at the cutting of core funding to the RCNI and want to do something about that and I know many other CF members feel the same. (Check out RCNI website for more information:

So myself and Jen have decided that our June meeting is going to be run by members for members on these very issues since so many of you have expressed an interest in some sort of action. (This will also be our last meeting for the summer as we are going on hols for July & August).

We’re asking people who are interested in doing some sort of action around sexual violence and objectification to come to a planning meeting at 6pm, Monday 6th June in the Woodford Bar, Paul Street.

We want to create an action that is inclusive of all the CF members views and that is also realistic given our limited capacity as a voluntary group. We might end up to decide to do a photo stunt, we might decide to do a letter campaign for the RCNI, we might decide to have a debate to Slutwalks – it’s going to be up to you!

If you’re angry about this issue, if you want to mobilise people, if you want to agitate for change, if you want to create something, not destroy something – then this planning meeting is for you. Spread the word feministas!

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