5050 by 2020

Check out the great work being done by Cork group 5050 by 2020 over on http://5050-group.com/blog/!

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2 Responses to 5050 by 2020

  1. Noreen Bourke says:

    I was a little surprised to read an article in the Cork independent on Cork Feminista where the article indicated that women in this group do not fit the Lesbian Beardy stereotype. Is there some kind of insidious prejudice here where being a lesbian excludes you from a group that should have the interests of ALL women at heart, irrespective of their sexuality?? Even if one was a beardy, lesbian stereotype, does it make her less worthy of being part of a an organisation that claims it is their for the empowerment of all women??

    • Not at all Noreen. I was discussing with the journalist about old perceived negative stereotypes that are not representative of our membership. The conversation was simplified in the piece itself. I don’t belive that there is anything negative about being a lesbian, but that was a label ascribed to feminism to make it a negative thing. Thats what I was referring too, not that I actually believe those things myself or that CF doesn’t welcome all women because we do.

      Our next meeting on the 19th Feb is on LGBT Love – why the civil marriage campaign is a feminist issue. It’ll be from 2-4pm in 8 North Mall. Hope you can make it!


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