You are not alone: the harassment monologues

Not in the Price Waterhouse Coopers top 10? Pissed off? Discombobulated?

When they are not “Building Relationships and creating value” the PWC lads are giving us a timely reminder that all is rotten in the state of sexual relations. For that, at least, we thank them.

The Irish Feminist Network is hoping that you will share your stories of sexism and discrimination in the workplace and wherever else life has taken you. We will then upload them to a dedicated blog. It’s anonymous. You don’t need to give names or any other details and your email to us will be deleted once we save your story.

By sharing stories across the country we hope to show that you are not alone. We are also hoping that the stories will provide the backbone of a future action. The address is

On the Sky news website justicepig had this to say about the PWC debacle: “Pathetic, it’s sad that in these hard times people have nothing more important to winge about. PC gone mad, what has happened to humour?”

We’ll tell you what happened to humour, justicepig, when you tell us why 85% of senior management in EU companies are men, 86% of our TDs are men and why only 3% of the chief execs of companies in the Fortune Top 500 are women.

And, while we’re at it, why do we earn only 86 cent for every Euro you pop in your pocket?

Bleedin’  hilarious.

Let’s get our stories out there. Sexism – it’s not funny, it’s calculated.

Joke’s over boys. It’s payback time.


Thanks to Anthea McTeirnan for this guest post. Make sure to join the IFN Campaign!

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